my final reflections

emotional and responsive design

While designing my website, it was a lot harder to replica my design persona into my code than I thought it would be. I tried to match my design persona to my personality as much as possible. I incorporated some of my favorite colors, fonts, and my voice. While learning new codes and styling each page, it was hard to stay in line with my design persona. I made some, rather a lot, of changes over the course of the year. I decided to stay with more neutral colors throughout my website and stick to only a few fonts. I believe I accomplished emotional design through this. Also, these changes allowed my website to be more clear and professional looking.

I gathered a lot of inspiration from the Bucket List Family. I liked how their first item on their site is a large picture. Since I love to take pictures, I think this is a great way to show your character so I decided to replica this through my own home page. On my index.html page, I used two different photos. My tablet and computer screen is the beautiful blue water in Mexico to show my calm, cool collected personality. However my phone screen image is a little more mysterious and darker in contrast. I hope this image of the Costa Rica rainforest shows my adventurous side.

My initial blueprints for my portfolio page were also very different from the start to my final product. Noticeably, I had difficult filling up my portfolio page (mainly because I am a rising junior and do not have enough projects/ work to put on yet1) but I do plan to add more. My original design however had an area for pictures I have taken. I wish to pursue this dream by figuring out a code to do this. I hope to have galleries for the things I love like food, travel, and sunsets!

Throughout the year, I tried to keep my clode clean in order to have a clear responsive design. This included choosing certain fonts, their color, sizes and even spacing between letters. I was unhappy with my initial colors and fonts so while I was changing things up, I tried to keep it very minimalist but enough to show my personality. I also made worked hard on my various screen sizes to make sure it was responsive coding. I felt that it was easy to change all sizes at once when working on a specific code so I didn’t get confused!

I hope in the future I can expand on my about page. Just like the Bucket List Family, I like how they break this page down into a few categories. I have ideas to expand on this area adding specific images that speak for myself. I also hope I can add extensions such as a link to my instagram or personal blog. As I gain more experience I can keep up with my portfolio and/or blogs. I think mainiting this will help others capture who I really am.

progress over the year

I did not know what to expect coming into this class. I had some idea what “coding” would be like, but I never knew everything that went into it. The different HTML and CSS pages, the emotional and responsive design, and the dreading process of “file, save, upload.” I think all of this extra stuff shocked me the most.

In the beginning of the semester when we focused on our resumes, I was pretty confident in my coding. The only thing I did not like was padding (I really do not know why- I use this all the time now and it can really make or break the site). However, my resume was very basic and to the point. I noticed I did everything asked but nothing more. Now that I have a lot more confidence and experience, I do not mind taking risks and trying new codes. It can actually be nerve racking but also rewarding once you get it.

I found it really interesting that we had to code for three different screen sizes. I remember sitting in our class groups on the first day of school trying to de-code a website. We were all shocked when the entire screen changed as we adjusted the size. Coding for all three screen sizes could be overwhelming. I usually began to break them down into smaller sections and focused on matching the code with the css style. I also updated all three sizes at once to make sure everything looks good and that I did not miss anything. On the bright side, now that I am aware of the responsive design codes, I always am seeing how others incorporate this into their sites.

I think I greatly excelled in using floats, div id and classes. Floats came easy to me. I could easily visualize the content box and where the box needed to go. But div ids and classes did not just come to me. I was nervous to use these considering I had to make adjustments on my HTML page along with the three sizes on my CSS page. However, once I got the hang of it, they were a big help with styling.

I took advantage of learning new codes especially by going to open coding and talking to other students. I especially liked the Page Source tool so I could grab certain aspects off of my classmate’s websites that I wanted to incorporate on mine. Since the first assignment, from the basics of learning codes to applying it to my resume and now entire site, I have succeeded so much. If you showed me my website in the beginning of the year, I never had thoughts that I could code all of it. Now that I got the hang of coding, and surprisingly sometimes actually enjoy it, I look forward to learning about more codes and web design in the future

In regards to recommendations, I think it would be helpful to start the final project earlier. I noticed that some people were done with their resumes before others and dilly-dallied in class. I think introducing the final project earlier would give them a jump stop and something to do. I also think it would be helpful to work through the pages or at least one. This would give the class an overall better idea of what the page should look like and ideas to code it. Luckily I like to get a head start on things so I coded a little of each page day by day. This helped eliminate some of my work but I am still writing this at the last minute (oops!)