Stephanie Rapp About Me Picture in Florida at the Pier

Welcome to My Life!

Hi-I'm Stephanie!
I am so glad you found your way to my website.

I am a rising Junior at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. I am pursing a major in Communication Studies with a Sports Marketing minor.

I believe in capturing true beauty at any moment. It's quirky to say, but it is the small things in life that I am grateful for. My ability to see a vision and put it into action allows me to strive toward success. I am versatile in photography, video, production and social media platforms. I am always up for a challange and open to learning new expereiences.

I grew up in Northport, a small quaint town on the north shore of Long Island. I developed a passion for photography and videography through the sunsets, food, and beaches.

I hope to gain many more experiences as I have the opportunity to travel! Stay tuned in the next month to receive updates on my study tour in Greece! Here's a blog I've been following and aspire to be like.

my final reflection